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Our Hours Mon – Fri 8:30AM to 5:30PM

Brake Repair Should Not Be Ignored

At Alberta Spring & Trailer you’re safety is a high priority, and brakes are one of the most important systems in your vehicle. Our experienced mechanics can repair all the components of your braking system. We repair everything from brake pads, drums, discs, hubs and fluids.

Steering Repair and Alignments

We want to ensure you steering system is in working order and you can control your vehicle with ease. Our Steering repair includes tightness of nuts and bolts, loose or used steering belts, alignment issues, fluid checks, and much more!

Old- Fashion Service

Old- Fashion Service

Years of Experience

Years of Experience

Quality Rapid Repair

Quality Rapid Repair

Expert Advice and Installation

Alberta Spring & Trailer can help diagnose and recommend the best solution to get you back on the road faster. We’re your one stop shop for all truck and trailer parts and service.

We Repair All Makes & Models

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